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We are only the conduits for others’ efforts. Here’s what they say about the Glen.


Michael Stirling-Aird

Two articles from a photographer on our team who has spent considerable time in the tributaries under threat

Magical, Wild, Beautiful Glen Etive – A National Treasure

Magical Glen Etive – Part Two

Nick Kempe

A lifelong campaigner for Scottish access and conservation, Nick has written extensively on hydro schemes in general and Glen Etive schemes in particular. We’ve picked a couple of the key articles but you can find more by clicking here

The impact of the Glen Etive hydro schemes on landscape and wild land

The Glen Etive Hydro Schemes and Democracy in the Highlands

What’s Wrong with the Revised Hydro Schemes at Allt a Mheuran?

Further Observations on the What’s Wrong with Hydro in Glen Etive

More on the proposed Desecration of Glen Etive

The Proposed Glen Etive Hydro Schemes – Who Benefits?

Why Both Sides of Glen Etive Matter

David Jarman

David has produced three detailed and comprehensive PDF’s on the Glen Etive Hydro schemes. Two cover the Allt Mheuran and Allt a’ Chaorainn schemes and the third is a historical look at the impact of previous schemes in Scotland. There is another to come.

Glen Etive Run of River – Allt a Mheuran

Glen Etive Run of River – Allt Chaorainn

A Look at Run of River Schemes across Scotland

Chris Townsend

Glen Etive Under Threat

David Lintern

The Angel’s Share – A Walk in Hills of Glen Etive

Walk Highlands – A robust defence of our natural heritage and the visitor economy 

Wild Land and its Critics

Mountaineering Scotland

Why care? The importance of Glen Etive to mountaineers

Council challenged over iconic glen

Herald Scotland

Glen Etive backlash could be a welcome wake-up call for us all